Patt is one of our top Friendswood water heater installation and repair expertsYour water heater is what gives you the luxury of a warm shower every morning, clean dishes, and laundry. So when your water heater goes out, you're aware of it almost instantly and you feel it's effects. That's why at the first sign of a water heater malfunction, you need to call our Friendswood water heater repair crew.

We'll inspect your water heater, determine the issue, and make the recommended repairs in just a few hours. If you need a new water heater, we'll help you to choose, order, and install a brand new one.

Our goal is to make your water heater last as long as possible, leaving you with fewer hassles and plumbing expenses.

Water Heater Checklist

When you order a water heater inspection from our technicians, we'll do a full visual inspection of your water heater to determine it is in good working Glenn is doing a visual inspection on a water heaterorder – and to help catch small issues before they become big problems. We check the following:

  • Water pressure
  • T&P valve
  • Thermal expansion tank
  • Flush and drain tank
  • Anode rod
  • Wiring
  • Gas lines
  • Temperature
  • Area around the water heater
  • Visual inspection for rust

Preventative Maintenance

Many of our customers ask us if preventative water heater maintenance is worth it, and we always say yes. Why? Because preventative maintenance allows us to catch problems with your water heater well before they become disastrous. A small leak can quickly lead to flooding and excessive water damages. Our preventative checkups will save you money. It's as simple as that.

We take plumbing way too seriously